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To view our 2015 ERO Report, click ERO The Rise Up Academy New School Assurance Review Report.


Research Project 2014-2015

The Rise UP research project aims to:

  1. Develop a research based understanding about culturally relevant and responsive approaches to engaging Pasifika whānau in their children’s learning
  2. Contribute to the development of transformative Pasifika research practice and theory

Research outcomes

 With this research we hope to unlock, and unpack the Rise UP approach / theory – and provide a solid research base for community based educational programming for Pasifika whānau into the future

We also hope the research will lead to wider recognition of Pasifika approaches to engaging whānau in education – in South Auckland schools, and more widely in the education system.

And most importantly, we hope the research will also lead to more Pasifika whānau being able to access culturally relevant and responsive resources and support that transform their attitudes and behaviours about their role in their children’s educational success.  

 The Rise UP Research Report | How did we do? Rise UP Trust Final Report December 2015