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The Trust Story | 2010 ASBCT MPEI RISE UP STORY


Building Learning Communities

At Rise UP, we have a high expectation that every new whanau and existing whanau participate in the Whanau programmes throughout the year & the compulsory after school programmes that Rise Up students experience three days a week (Monday to Wednesday 3.30pm-4.30pm).


AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMME | Monday through Wednesday, 3:30pm – 4:30pm

The After School Programme exists to help the children at Te RUA grow Sharp Minds, Strong Bodies and Good Hearts through Sports, Arts, Culture and Heritage taught by expert tutors. These are free to allow all Rise UP kids to participate.

The core programmes are:

MondayCulture Culture and Heritage activities including learning languages, cooking, crafts, dance & cultural performances  for Language weeks.
TuesdaySwimming Term 1 | Otahuhu Sports and Leisure Centre
WednesdaySaintz Up Performing Arts (SUPA) provides expert tuition in choir, drama, dance, vocals and guitar.



   RUPT HeartsNMinds2

Keys for Learning     
This six week course (2 hrs per workshop) equips parents with the keys to unlock their child’s potential and engage with their learning. Parents feel empowered as they understand the connection between their child’s learning  style, love languages and personality type and the best way to develop the child’s thinking and problem solving skills.

Exploring 21st Century Lifelong learners

  • Understanding Children’s Learning Styles
  • Understanding Children Problem Solving/ Thinking Skills
  • Understanding Children’s Personality Styles
  • Understanding Love Languages
  • Examining Culture & Education

Parent Testimonies

 “I am excited about the 6 Hats and have applied it already with my 3 kids. I used it with my girlfriend just the other day about her life and making some serious decisions with study. After using them, she realised it wasn’t the right time to do it, and just accomplishing that with her was an awesome feeling. Just think of how other people could benefit from this. Thank you for being committed to the vision”. Sanjida

“I really loved learning about the LOVE LANGUAGES. Since that session we have learnt to chop back on our commitments  and make time for our kids because their love languages are Quality Time”. Bruce



 RUPT synergy

A seven week programme where families explore family values, cultural identity, personalities, talents and sense of purpose. At the end of the seven week programme children will give a presentation which describes who they are through a choice of different mediums.

Whanau Will …

  • Work through REAL-life Problem solving strategies with their child
  • Spend one-to-one quality learning time with their child
  • Explore ways to think and ask questions with their child
  • Develop better understanding of Learning styles, Love languages and Inquiry Learning
  • Provide legitimate experiences for children to problem solve and take risks
  • Guide children’s learning and set them up for success


Parent  Testimonies

“Learning the kids personality types and the method used. Synergy is an awesome family programme that will grow a family’s confidence together”.

“I have grown a lot more with my parenting and understanding more about my child”.

“I feel a lot more confident in my parenting role and my kid’s identity”.


PATH PLAN | Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

Term 1 Existing families- 1 x 2 hour workshop

Parents will have

  • Planned specific dreams and aspirations for their whanau
  • Broadened their aspirations
  • Increased engagement with their children’s learning
  • Increased positive engagement in Whanau
  • Become stronger in their Identity & Culture

PATH Plans are a visual tool in which whanau identify short and long term learning goals and personal goals for their family. It takes around two hours and parents, children and support people can be present. Whanau educators facilitate the 2 hour path plan session.

Parent Testimonies

“The PATH session has really helped me to focus on what is really important for me and my kids, especially as a single parent. I feel so much lighter and more confident to reach my goals.” Grace

“It was so good to just verbalise all the thoughts that were floating around in my head. PATH has helped me and my family to prioritize what’s important”. Ray & Jasmine 



Mutukaroa is about working with parents and whanau to understand how your child is progressing in their learning over the first three years at school. Mutukaroa allows parents to know exactly how their child is doing at every stage of their learning. The learning conversations with the parents are carried out when a child is 5, 5.5, 6 & 6.5 years old.

The Whanau Educator will meet with parents and will have a learning conversation that will equip parents to:

  • Understand data (Six year observation survey and JAM maths assessment) about their child’s achievement
  • Ask questions
  • Select next steps for learning at home
  • Choose and take home learning resources to support learning at home

Parent Testimonies

“I think that Te RUA is the best learning environment for my son and for us. My husband has never been involved with our older children’s education the way he is now and that is simply because Te RUA puts in the time, effort and energy into engaging parents and whanau. There is no personal or school agenda, this holistic, whanau approach by Te RUA is a genuine faith-based Pasifika way of empowering marginalised families and community groups. God Bless Te Rua”. Pennie