Principal’s Message

Taloha ni
Praise God for the warmer weather for our students. Term four means hats and water bottles every day to keep our students hydrated and well protected from the sun. Sadly, we have five weeks left before we farewell our Year 8 students as the leave the RUA next for secondary school transitions. Let’s make every day count and every learning experience a memorable one.
Our inaugural performance at ‘The Beats’ was a superb display of Rise UP Academy’s splendour. Our staff led by Sarah Olo and Dominica Ah-lam co-ordinated a sensational performance linking Inquiry Learning and the Arts. Thank you to all our parent volunteers who helped out when needed, we cannot do all the neat things we do without your commitment and support-Fakaaue lahi.
GOAL 1: All systems go!
Our Alternative constitution application is being finalised with the Ministry of Education. We look forward to an elections process in 2024, where you can nominate individuals to be elected onto the Board of Trustees. Watch this space in Term 1 for more information.
GOAL 2: Grow, grow, grow!
Our school roll has reached 101 with new entrants continuing to grow steadily during this term. The Ministry of Education are now ready to engage with us regarding Master planning of our school property to accommodate our roll growth with a maximum of 300 students in the future.
GOAL 3: Guard the deposit
We will be holding a whanau fono on the 23rd November to ‘Have your say’ on our Health Curriculum statement. We have a growing number of health professionals in our Rise UP whanau, so we do hope you can attend the fono as we value whanau feedback.
GOAL 4: Faithful with the little
This term we are reviewing PATH plan goals and it is a real CELEBRATION for many of us to see what the Lord has done in 2023 for our children and ourselves. Ms Grace and Ms Rhonadean will contact you for a time to go over your goals and lock in dates for 2024. We have 2024 Rise UP calendars HOT off the press for sale soon, so watch this space as Ms Celia puts the finishing touches on our calendars.
As we head into the Christmas season, life gets busy and school gets busy. Our devotions theme this term is Love and Respect, Ms Bella shared a wonderful devotion from Romans 12:17-18 “Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honourable. Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone”.

Much love and respect,

Sita Selupe MNZM

The Calendar

Recent Events

Fijian Language Week

Fijian Language Week at Rise Up was a great success during the first week of the term, bringing the vibrant culture and language of Fiji to life within our school community. The week began with a heartwarming devotion led by Talatala Fotu Waqabaca, Pastor of New Life Wesleyan Church and his family, setting the tone for the enriching experiences to come. We would like to thank Talatala Fotu Waqabaca and the entire family for your contributions to Fijian language week.

One of the highlights of the week was the involvement of the Fijian Rugby team, who were representing Fiji at the Rugby World Cup in France. Amongst their busy schedule they created educational videos teaching us simple yet essential Fijian words. This initiative was made possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of Zuriel Togiatama, who deserves our sincere gratitude for organising this unique learning opportunity.

Mr. Avi also played an instrumental role during Fijian Language Week. He engaged his students from Fiji, incorporating their videos into our learning experience. Additionally, he organised delicious Fijian dishes, flags for our school and traditional sulu for our dedicated staff, making this week a memorable and immersive experience. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Avi.

Food was also a key part of our Fijian Language Week, as we had the chance to savor the delectable flavors of Fijian-style chopsuey during Thursday’s lunch time. Vinaka vakalevu Losa Ofamaooni and the family for the delicious treat for our students. To conclude the week we had Adi, Henrietta and Seniasi Matavesi dazzle us with their captivating performance of a Fijian Christian dance, adding a touch of cultural richness to our week. We are grateful to the girls and their family for their contribution to Fiji Language week 2023.

The theme of Fijian Language Week, “Me vakabulabulataki, vakamareqeti, ka vakaqaqacotaki na vosa vakaviti,” meaning “Nurture, Preserve, and Sustain the Fijian language,” was not only a motto but a mission that we all embraced wholeheartedly. Fijian Language Week left a lasting impact on our school, fostering cultural appreciation and a sense of unity in celebrating the rich heritage of Fiji.

Niuean Language Week

We celebrated the start of our Niue Language week with a devotion from
Reverend Pennie Otto. She taught our children a few simple phrases in Niuean
and shared a bible verse for the week.
Our theme for the language week was ‘Fakatūleva e Vagahau Niue mo e Tau
Aga Fakamotu ma e Tau Atuhau. Sustain Niue Language and Culture for Future
This year our students have learnt simple phrases, colours, alphabet, numbers
in their Niuean language class. Their teacher Tala Ikihele also taught the
children traditional songs and dances. The children have grown in their
confidence to speak the Niuean language and were confident in sharing this in
the Niuean language assembly.
We would like to thank Pine & Wesley Talagi for teaching our children a dance
(koli). Thank you also to our Niuean language class tutor for teaching the
Niuean language. Thank you to Peta Peauafi and Fei Taufelila for making the
Niuean costumes. Thank you to all our children for participating in the Niuean
language week.
Eke Ke Fakamalolo ke vagahau Niue. Always try your best to speak the Niuean


Rise Up was blessed with the opportunity to enter their first Kī-o-rahi team in the Mangere Inaugural Tournament, held at Walter Massey Park.

Kī-o-rahi is a new tākaro for our tamariki. It is a fast-paced game incorporating skills similar to rugby, netball, ripper tag and touch rugby; all combined.

Our 26 strong team show-cased all their talents on the day; showing resilience and confidence in the blazing sun. The Year 5/6 Mixed Team won all their games and our 7/8 Mixed team competed fiercely against various teams securing some convincing wins.

Both teams played with determination, perseverance and teamwork. Their ability to carry and support each other is a reflection of the Purakau (legend) of Kī-o-rahi.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koe to our Health & PE networks; H.A.L – Healthy Active Learning Team (CLM) Victoria Petone & Simon Hafoka along with Ki-O-Rahi expert Yazmine; who guided our 26 strong players for 10 free sessions prior to the tournament.

Thank you to Mesh Seniloli for providing the gazebos and to our whanau who took time to come out to cheer for our RUA teams.

Whaea Cecelia & Mrs Faga are very proud of what our students accomplished during our training sessions and more importantly on the day.

Ka pai te mahi Rise Up

Mrs Faga & Whaea Cecelia (2023)

Beatz of Mangere

On the 20th of October, 2023, our students marked their inaugural appearance at the Beatz of Mangere, an event hosted at Mountain View School. It was heartening to witness the collaborative spirit of many local schools gathering to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of Mangere. Our students, diligently guided by their accomplished mentors and teachers,, were meticulously prepared through both after-school programs and during school hours for this occasion.

The Rise Up performance showcased a group of 55 senior students, offering a glimpse of their Inquiry learning through art form. The performance included the remarkable journey of our Polynesian ancestors , renowned as one of the world’s most skilled navigators. The narrative unveiled the belief that all Polynesians trace their heritage to a common origin before embarking on explorations that led to various islands, including Tonga, Samoa, Niue, the Cook Islands, and Aotearoa. Throughout the year, the students at Rise Up Academy immersed themselves in the history of their Polynesian ancestors as part of their Inquiry learning. Through their learning journey, they unearthed the exceptional navigational prowess and exploration skills that defined their ancestors. These ancestral legacies, stories, and wisdom serve as an inspiration for Polynesians to embrace their role as wayfinders, capable of achieving remarkable feats and accomplishments in life.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Principal Sita Selupe and the Senior management team, Our Beatz of Mangere Team, our dedicated teachers, tutors, and staff, as well as our supportive parents, volunteers, and all those who assisted in preparing our students for this event. A special thank you also goes to Mountain View School for hosting such a splendid and well organised event. Lastly, we applaud our performing students for their unwavering dedication, hard work, and the wholehearted effort they put forth.

Fun Friday

While our Senior Students had been busy preparing for Mangere Beatz, our Room 4 and 5
students had started noticing that there was something BIG going on and they were excited
and were looking forward to participating. But once they realized that they were not going
to be involved and we wouldn’t be able to take them along to support, Mrs Faga, Mrs
Partsch and Mrs Laura decided that we needed a FUN DAY to celebrate our Junior Students.
We made plans to have our FUN DAY the same Friday that our Senior students went to
Mangere Beatz to perform. Our day started with the children dressing up in whatever they
wanted. We had superheroes, princesses and even some sports stars. We also had a special
appearance by two clowns – FUN and FRIDAY.
Our fun activities started in the second block. Mrs Laura had put together some great
activities for our children to complete. This started with Jump Jam, a few rounds of Duck
Duck Goose and then Balloon Popping. The main event was a team relay of different
obstacles and challenges that our children had to complete as a team. Some required a
partner and others were for just an individual. There was lots of laughter, running, cheering
and smiles as our children raced around the circuit.
During the lunch time break there was a Photo Booth where the children were able to come
and take photos with different props and show us their best poses. There were also
different games that they were able to play, like Bean Bag Throwing, Connect 4, Ring Toss
and Jenga.
After all our fun and excitement, we ended the day by watching a movie in the class where
our children ate popcorn, an ice block, a small cupcake and some fruit. It was a great way to
finish our FUN DAY and a chance for our children to relax and unwind after such a busy,
exciting fun filled day.

Whanau Important Notices

Teachers Only Day – Tuesday 14th November

Curriculum Refresh is a programme led by the Ministry of Education. The refresh of ‘The New Zealand Curriculum’ is designed so schools, kura, whānau, and communities are better supported to do what they do best: create rich and responsive learning that helps every ākonga realise their goals and aspirations.
‘Te Marautanga o Aotearoa’ is being redesigned to better reflect the needs of Māori education, the aspirations of whānau, hapū and iwi, and the central position of Māori language and culture. This is the reason for our TOD, please do find suitable supervision for your child on this day.

Komiti Tupu Mai

A reminder to our committee that we have our meeting on Thursday 16th November as agreed upon from last meeting. 7pm start via zoom. All are welcome to join us.
Meeting ID: 914 7705 9918
Passcode: 246023

Whanau Fono *Parents Only*

We are holding a very important Whanau Fono on Thursday 23rd November at 6:00pm at Rise Up Academy. Our upcoming meeting is in regards to our Health Curriculum and will be facilitated by our Senior Leadership Team.
Our agenda will be as follows:

-Health Policy
-Health Statement
-Health & Sex Education
-Questions & Answers

This will be followed by light refreshments. It is not compulsory for both parents to attend but we ask that you have at least one family member present to represent your whanau. We recommend finding supervision for your child/ren for this night so that you are able to fully participate in the discussions.

Sneaker Friday – 17th November

Next Friday we are having some special guests come to Rise UP and we need ALL STUDENTS to wear sneakers (sportshoes) on this day. We are wanting to create an awareness of health & wellbeing in particular diabetes by everyone wearing sneakers/trainers on the 17th  November.  A special guest will lead a 20 minute workout – that is suitable for all abilities (some fun with some good music!) . We can have a fun dance off ,then we can do some giveaways? Diabetes NZ have said that they will have breakfast wraps available for our students. We will let you know more details next week but please keep your eyes peeled to our FB posts and texts.

After School Programme

Congratulations to our Culture & Heritage tutors for your hard work during our language weeks which helped our school create a wonderful display of culture and identity at the Mangere Beats Showcase.
Reminder to our whanau that we have our End of Year SUPA Showcase, which will be held on Monday 4th December from 4pm at The Performing Arts Room @ Bader Intermediate.

Good To Go Volunteer Arm

Thank you to our whanau who came out to our working bee on Saturday 14th October. Many hands make light work! Our teachers were very grateful for all the spring cleaning that went on in the classrooms as well as the outdoor gardening work in our plant boxes. Thank you for your continued service to our school!

Also a huge Malo Aupito, Faafetai tele lava, Meitaki Maata & Fakaue Lahi to our parent helpers who assisted in costume preparation/alterations and helping dress our children for our dress rehearsal and performance at Mangere Beats. It was so good to see a huge amount of supporters and helpers on these two days. Our tamariki are blessed to have the support of our whanau and community.

IT Awareness in your Home

Below is a link regarding safety on socials: aggression online article you may find helpful. There is also a link to a flyer regarding Free Internet in your home from the Ministry of Education. Please contact the number on the flyer if you are interested.

MoE Free Internet Programme 2023

ENROL NOW for 2024 – especially if you have 4 year olds!


At Rise UP we consider your child’s safety our first priority therefore we ask that you adhere to the rules we alongside Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate have put in place. We have had a few close calls which is too many for our liking. We would like to ask that if you see any of our Rise UP parents/ caregivers parking where they shouldn’t be please kindly ask them to move along. We thank you for your cooperation.


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